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Research Scientist Jobs

Research Scientists design and carry out experiments, and then write reports for publications. Scientist often work independently or as team member.

Research Associate Jobs

Research Associates carry out experiments in R&D under the instruction of established scientists. Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) will often monitor clinical trials.

Biological Scientist Jobs

Biological Scientist study living organisms and their relationship to the outside environment. Scientists perform research to gain a better understanding of life processes.

Laboratory Technician Jobs

Lab Technicians perform tests and laboratory procedures under the guidance of the Technologist. They will prepare specimens, tests, and operate automated analyzers.

Medical Liaison Jobs

A Medical Science Liaison is a healthcare consulting professional who is employed by biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device, and managed care companies.

Medical Scientists Jobs

Medical Scientists research human diseases to improve human health. Most conduct biomedical R&D to advance knowledge of life processes and living organisms.

Laboratory Technologist Jobs

Laboratory Technologists perform complex chemical and biological tests. Technologists analyze biological samples for chemical content or a chemical reaction.

Pharmaceutical Biotech Jobs

A pharmaceutical company is a commercial business whose main focus is to research, develop, market and/or distribute drugs, mostly in the context of healthcare.

Biotech Manufacturing Jobs

Biotech manufacturing involves the manufacturing, production, process improvement, and workflow improvements of pharmaceuticals and drug related products.

Sales and Marketing Jobs

Biotechnology sales and marketing professionals may work with doctors hospitals, and various medical institutions. They often attend conventions and trade shows.

Biotechnology Quality Jobs

Biotech and pharmaceutical quality assurance and quality control professionals test, validate, audit, and review the drug development process.

Bioinformatics Jobs

Bioinformatics is the application of statistics and computer science to the field of molecular biology. Bioinformatics primary use has been in genetics and genomics.